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Excel Dryer, Inc. manufactures the industry's finest quality hand dryers and hair dryers. For more than 38 years, Excel's full line of American-made hand dryers has provided cost-effective hand dryers and hair dryers for schools, hospitals, airports, service stations, correctional facilities, restaurants, stadiums, movie theaters, health clubs, office buildings, factories and hotels.

At Excel, quality is a way of life, nothing else is acceptable. This philosophy has always guided us in developing products that are dependable, easy to install or service and satisfying to use.

Excel Dryer, Inc. is headquartered in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Our products are marketed through an established network of Sales Representatives who call on more than 2,800 distributors nationally. Excel Hand Dryers can be specified in 50 Hz or 60 Hz and from 100-Volt to 277-Volt for distribution worldwide.